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This is how low carb burger king options help to lose fat work (or not)

The ketogenic diet, or “keto,” as it is already known, is much more than a fad. It’s about reducing carbohydrates to a minimum, about 50 grams a day. That equals two apples or 100 grams of bread. 

People on a ketogenic diet substitute bread, pasta, potatoes and fruit for large amounts of vegetables, which have much lower amounts of carbohydrates. To obtain enough calories, the consumption of fat, preferably healthy, is increased: nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, cheese , dark chocolate, and fatty fish on low carb burger king options.

What happens after a few days is that the body is forced to feed the tissues using fat instead of carbohydrates. However, the cells of the nervous system and the brain cannot use fat as fuel, so the liver undoes the available fats and with them manufactures ketone bodies or ketones, molecules that any cell in your body (with the exception of red blood cells) can use as a source of energy. This state is called ketosis. And you can learn more for it in the following post – https://www.ketosumo.com/low-carb-burger-king-keto-options/

The ketogenic diet, moreover, has proven to be more effective than low-fat diets . It seems that ketone bodies activate the genes necessary to lose weight in people with obesity. However, the diet is difficult to carry, especially socially. No bread, no desserts, no cereals, no sugary drinks. In addition, the first few days there may be fatigue while the body adapts to the change of fuel, something called the “keto flu”. Hopefully someone will look for a shortcut.

Ketone drinks

If the body works better and loses fat when ketone bodies are used as fuel, why not take them directly? So we could avoid the discomfort of doing a restrictive diet and in passing we could continue eating pizza and macaroni.

Indeed, several companies have begun to sell exogenous ketone bodies, that is, they do not manufacture your own organism, but instead come from outside. Your liver produces different ketone bodies during ketosis: acetoacetate, betahydroxybutyrate and, to a lesser extent, acetone. In your herbalist you will only find supplements with betahydroxybutyrate, because the other two are chemically unstable.

There are two types of supplements:

  • Ketone salts: in which the ketone bodies are forming a salt with sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium
  • Ketone esters: these compounds are in liquid form and are more difficult to find and are used mostly in the laboratory

When taking ketones, the body goes into ketosis immediately , without having to have a hard time dieting for a couple of days. Taking ketone body supplements may also help people who want to start the ketogenic diet to overcome the symptoms of those early days . But by themselves, do they have the same effects as diet? Everything seems to indicate no.

It is known that athletes who do long distance races and other endurance sports improve their performance when they are in ketosis . 

Since the 80s, there was speculation about the possibility of achieving these effects by taking ketones, and the Army has tried to feed the soldiers of the special operations forces with them, however, no differences in performance have been found when taking them. In another experiment , there was no difference when comparing a hydroxybutyrate milkshake with a placebo in real or perceived fatigue.

But most people do not buy these supplements to run a marathon, but to lose weight. Here they also fail and the explanation is simple. Without carbohydrates, the body uses fat stores to make ketone bodies as fuel at low carb burger king options. 

But an excess of ketone bodies in the blood is toxic, it is the known ketoacidosis that some diabetic people suffer. In healthy people, there is a compensation mechanism so that ketone bodies do not exceed a certain level. If we take them as a supplement, the liver will stop breaking down fats to produce ketone bodies, something that has been proven experimentally .

That is, ketone supplements prevent fat burning instead of favoring it. So why are there people who lose weight when taking them? Ketone bodies provide energy, and in experiments it has been found that they reduce appetite by up to 50% compared to a sugary drink. However, if a normal meal is eaten first, and then the shake is taken, the ketone bodies rise, but less, because there is blood sugar. The result is that, again, less fat is burned low carb burger king options.

Ketone supplements are safe unless you suffer from type 1 diabetes, in which case ketoacidosis could occur. However, in healthy people, to maintain the state of ketosis while eating everything, it is necessary to consume large amounts of salts, which can lead to digestive discomfort .

However, for those who follow the ketogenic diet and that pizza has taken them out of the state of ketosis, supplements can help them recover faster. Of course, they will not be burning fat.

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