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Here are some of the maintenance tips to keep your mower in shape

Buying a mower is a huge decision and a huge investment. To make sure that it serves you very well, you should consider maintaining it regularly. Maintaining your mower will not only help it perform up to its maximum but it will also save you the cost of unnecessary repairs. When you maintain your mower, you are also making sure that your mower serves you to its maximum lifespan. Just like any other machine or equipment, your mower also needs maintenance and care. To avoid as easy death of your mower, here are some of the tips that will help you maintain and care for your mower

Read the manual very careful

The number one thing that you should always do according to zero turn mower reviews is to read the manual very carefully. Every manual has a say on how long your mower can last, how to take good care of it and how it can be maintained as well. It is for the best interest of the manufactures to make sure that customers do not regret having bought a specific mower. That is why there is always a manual to help you with how to use the mower and how to take care of it as well.

Always drain the gasoline after mowing

After you are done mowing, make sure that the gasoline in it is drained very well. According to mowers experts, the main reason why many mowers won’t start is overstayed gasoline. Every time that you finish your mowing, run all the gas out. Next time when you wish to use the mower again, make sure that you are using fresh gasoline, especially in spring.

Monitor the oil

Another thing that you should do to maintain your mower is checking the oil level. You should also be extra vigilant on oil that looks black and debris that might be floating. One thing that makes mowers not to last long is using oil that is contaminated and old oil. Before you mow, make sure that you are using fresh oil. To change your mower oil, remove the mower drain plug allowing the oil to drain completely. If you do not know what to do to drain the oil, you can consult your manual or even contact the manufacturer.

Sharpen the blades

Another thing that you should do to maintain your mower according to zero turn mower reviews is cleaning the blades. Mowers blades are known for enduring stress. When mowing, there are chances that you will come across heavy branches, rocks among other things. Those are the things that make the blade dull. When you have blunt blades, the mower will tear and rip the grass instead of cutting. At the end of your mowing session, you will discover that the yard is not looking as beautiful as you expected due to the tear and ripping of grass. To avoid all that, you have to always make sure that your blades are very sharp.

Get professional maintenance

If you find it hard to maintain your mower by yourself, it is best if you consider seeking professional help. There are many mower repair shops with professional who knows how to care and maintain a mower. Once in a while, you should hire them and let them run professional maintenance to your mower. They can help you in draining the old gas, they can replace parts that need replacement, they can run the diagnostic test to your mower and make sure that the mower is working perfectly well.

Air filter inspection

Another thing that you should do when maintaining your mower is inspecting your air filter. Make sure that the air filter is not dirty or clogged. If it is, it will exert more pressure on the mower. When that happens, gas will be burned less efficiently. It is recommended that you replace the air filter annually. They are not expensive and letting them damage the all mower can cost you more than what you would have spent in replacing an air filter.

Undercarriage cleaning

With a mower, expect grass to be caked in the carriage. If you do not clean it, it will end up clogging the mower. Make sure that you clean it after you are done with your mowing and when you discover that the grass has become too much in the undercarriage. You can use a wire brush in getting rid of the grass.

Fog engine

Another way to maintain your mower is fogging the engine. There comes a time when you do not use your mower often. If you are not going to use your mower, know that the mowers lubricants can get drained. When that happens, moisture and water from the air can cause corrosion to the mower. When you do fog of the engine, all that can be avoided. Before doing the engine fogging, you should read your user manual for guidelines. For more on engine fogging, read zero turn mower reviews.

Why should you maintain your mower?

Just like any other equipment, the maintenance of a mower is very vital. Maintaining a mower allows it to perform efficiently, it also makes sure that the equipment lasts longer. To avoid any accidents or damages, it is always very vital to make sure that your mower is maintained. Without maintenance, your mower will end up not lasting for years.

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